Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Just when I thought there was nothing else the humble chickpea could do, I discovered Chocolate mousse made with chickpea juice.  This was so good, there is no way you would know that it is made from chickpeas, it is so easy and quick and if anything, the slight saltiness of the juice improves the dark chocolate flavour.  I think I should become the international chickpea ambassador, if such a position exists, as I am here to spread the word of just how good this is!  So please gives this a try.  You can easily add flavouring to the basic mousse mix, for example powdered ginger, cinnamon, etc.  Simply fold in your desired ingredient along with the dark chocolate.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse – makes 6 dessert portions

300 ml Chickpea Juice (water from the can of chickpeas)

160 g Vegan Dark chocolate

2 tbsp sugar (I used some homemade vanilla sugar)

Start by whisking your chickpea juice in a spotlessly clean bowl.  If the bowl is greasy the juice may not whip up properly.  Begin to whisk and slowly add the sugar little by little.  Whisk until you have very thick peaks. This takes a little longer than normal egg whites, but be patient as they need to be as thick as possible, or your mousse might collapse.

Melt your chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.  once melted take off the heat and allow the chocolate to cool slightly, but not begin to re-set.

Carefully fold the chocolate into your chickpea ‘egg whites’.  The mixture will collapse a little, maybe by half, but don’t worry this is normal.  Spoon into dishes and chill for at least two hours, preferably overnight.

Decorate and enjoy!


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