Easy Homemade Wild Strawberry and Coconut Yoghurt

Easy Homemade Wild Strawberry and Coconut Yoghurt

Helppo itse tehty metsämansikka-kookosjogurtti

This is my second recipe using the amazing Luonnon Magiaa products I was sent recently.  Finns love strawberries, in fact, the price of Finnish strawberries can even make front page news here.  During the summer months you can find small stalls all over Helsinki selling Finnish berries,  the sweet smell of strawberry always draws you in.  Finnish strawberries are a little different to the British classic.  Many varieties are darker in colour and have an incredibly rich intense flavour.  So while I am waiting for the one or two months when Finnish strawberries are both affordable and at their best, I decided to test Lunnon Magiaa wild strawberry powder.  It has an intense tangy strawberry flavour, no additives and 100% natural.  I have used it here in a homemade yoghurt recipe.  It adds a subtle strawberry flavour that works well with the creamy coconut.  If you fancy trying out a taste of Finnish summer, check out Luonnon Magiaa’s Facebook page here and help support a small Finnish family business.

Luonnon Magiaa products are also available from www.minleaf.se and they deliver throughout Europe

1 x tin 400 ml coconut milk

3 x probiotic capsules

6 tbsp Luonnon Magiaa wild strawberry powder

Open your can of coconut milk and pour into a clean bowl.  If your milk has separated, whisk until it has become smooth and creamy.

Open the probiotic capsules and sprinkle onto the milk.  Stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon (metal may adversely effect the probiotic).

Cover with a cheese cloth, or I use my nut milk bag.  You want to use something that allows air to enter, but will keep out bugs or foreign objects.

Leave in a warm place for at least 24 hours. If you prefer a tangier yoghurt, leave it for a little longer.  Your milk should have thickened.  If it has separated at all, use a wooden spoon to mix it together again.  Alternatively I like to use a yoghurt maker and leave the yoghurt for around 8 hours.

Place in the fridge for at least 12 hours and it will thicken a little more.

Finally whisk in the wild strawberry powder.



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