Easy 5 Ingredient Sugar Free Vegan Banana Bread, Part 2

Helppo 5 raaka-aineen banaanikakku (vegaaninen ja sokeriton) Osa 2

Yoghurt and Blueberries and Peanut Butter Persimmon

As promised, I thought I would share some of the ways I like to serve my Easy 5 Ingredient Banana bread.   If you haven’t checked out the recipe yet, then click here.  The bread is great, fresh from the oven, cold or toasted.  So get creative with your ideas and think of the bread as not just a cake, but also a great base for a healthy snack or breakfast.  I hope you like my ideas and feel free to add your own in the comments section so I can try them out myself!

Blackcurrant swirled yoghurt and fresh blueberries 

I simply mixed some defrosted blackcurrants into some soya yoghurt and served with sliced blueberries.

Toasted, with sugar free peanut butter, persimmon and dried cranberry powder

One of my favourites, the warm toasted bread is perfect topped with melting peanut butter and tangy persimmon and cranberry.

Caramelised Maple Bananas and Apple and Coconut Tahini Drizzle

Caramelised bananas, maple syrup and pecans

A more indulgent version.  Pour a little maple syrup into a frying pan, add some sliced banana and heat until the syrup bubbles and the banana has softened.  Serve with a little extra syrup and chopped toasted pecans.

Fresh Apple, almonds and coconut tahini sauce

Thin down a couple of teaspoons of tahini with some coconut milk.  Drizzle over sliced apple and finish off with chopped, toasted almonds.




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