Exciting times

Primrose’s Kitchen Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli

I have been quite busy recently, but these are exciting times!  Next week I am helping Makrobios.fi with a launch event for a range of new products they are bringing to Finland.  The theme of the evening is healthy snacks and party food.  I will be preparing some vegan finger food, there will be talks from the brands and the people attending will get to decorate my smoothie bowls.

One of the product ranges is Primrose Kitchen’s mueslis and granolas.  Whilst I normally make my own granola, I have to say they are really good.  They are vegan, gluten free and don’t contain any nasty additives.  Above I paired their raw beetroot and ginger muesli with my cacao and maca smoothie bowl.  I always think beetroot and chocolate work well together.  I still have four flavours to try, the courgette and cacao looks particularly good.

It is really nice to get involved in something outside my own kitchen and hopefully it is the first of many collaborations and events.

I will be posting some pictures from the event and reporting how it went, for now I am just looking forward to meeting everyone who is attending and crossing my fingers that they like my food.


Primrose’s Kitchen Courgette cacao granola

I am pleased to report the courgette cacao granola is crazy good.  My favourite so far, it worked really well with yoghurt, fresh fruit, medjool dates and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses.

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