Raw Shrove Buns (Laskiaispullat)

Raw Shrove Buns (laskiaispullat)

Raa’at laskiaispullat

While in the UK we are consuming our own body weight in pancakes, Finns mark Shrove Tuesday with delicious cardamom spiced buns filled with either jam/ almond paste and a generous helping of whipped cream. While the debate of which filling is better still rages on (my Swedish friends find the idea of jam filling outlandish), I decided to try and make a slightly healthy raw version of the shrove treat. These ‘buns’ contain no added sugar, are vegan and are also gluten free. Best of all they are simple and fun to make and the results taste fantastic.

Raw Shrove Buns – makes 12 ‘buns’

200 g almonds

2 dl/ 200 ml gluten free oats

4 cardamom pods, seeds removed and ground in a pestle and mortar

200 g soft dates

50 g almond paste

almond extract

a handful of frozen raspberries

coconut cream (the solid layer from a can of chilled coconut milk) or vegan whipping cream, whipped stiff

Ground almonds/ almond flour for dusting

Add the almonds, oats and cardamom to a powerful food processor and whizz up until it resembles a course flour. Add the dates and continue to process until the mixture forms a soft dough. You may need to add a few drops of water if your mixture doesn’t come together.

Roll the mixture into 12 balls and place in the freezer to set.

If you prefer the almond filling, take 50 g of almond paste and add a couple of drops of almond extract and mix together.

Once the buns are set, remove from the freezer and use a sharp knife to cut the lid of the bun off. Place a small amount of almond paste or a few squashed frozen raspberries onto the bottom portion of the bun. Pipe whipped coconut cream/ vegan whipping cream on top and finish with the lid.

Dust with a sprinkling of ground almonds/ almond flour and serve.


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