Clementine, Cranberry and Ginger ‘Cream’ Pie

Klementiini-inkivääri ”cream pie” (amerikkalainen klassikko)

After the success of my American style lemon cream pie, I knew I had to make a seasonal version. If you haven’t had a cream pie before, it is a little like a cheesecake but much lighter and fluffier. You are looking for a velvety filling with a satisfying crunch from the biscuit base. I infused mine with flavours of the festive period, clementine, cranberry and ginger. I use Planti oat whip as I love how thick and silky it becomes when whipped. I have tried other plant based whipping cream alternatives, but none other than Planti have given me the rich thick finish this recipe requires.

Clementine, cranberry and ginger cream pie

One note, if you don’t have vegan friendly ginger biscuits available, check out my ginger snap recipe. Alternatively you can add a tablespoon of powdered ginger to regular crushed biscuits. I have also given the option of adding a cream stabiliser. This helps firm up the filling and it will keep better.

This is a paid collaboration with Planti

Clementine, cranberry and ginger cream pie

Clementine, cranberry and ginger ‘cream’ pie – serves 6

200 g vegan friendly ginger biscuits

80 g vegan butter/ margarine or coconut oil

Zest of 4 large clementines

2 x 2 dl cartons Planti kauravispi

1/2 block of silken tofu, thoroughly drained

1 sachet or cream stabiliser (optional)

5 tbsps sugar

Frozen cranberries, clementine zest, crystallised ginger and edible silver balls to serve

Clementine, cranberry and ginger cream pie

Blitz the biscuits in a food processor and stir in the melted vegan butter/ coconut oil. Tip into a loose bottomed 20 cm tin. Use a spoon to smooth the biscuit over the base and up the sides of the tin, to create a biscuit case for the filling. Place in the freezer to set.

Meanwhile whisk the Kauravispi until it is thick as possible. Add the clemtine zest, sugar and silken tofu and cream stabiliser (if using). Whisk until fully combined and thick.

Spoon into your chilled base and leave in the fridge to set for at least a couple of hours.

Decorate with a little thinly sliced clementine zest, a little chopped crystallised ginger, a generous amount of cranberries and silver decorative balls.



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