Gooseberry and Cardamom Fool

Vegan gooseberry and cardamom fool

Karviaismarja-kardemummakiisseli/fool (brittiläinen jälkiruoka)

I wish gooseberries were more popular, unlike other summer berries they are rarely seen on menus or in supermarkets.  So I knew when I chanced upon them on my recent trip to Tallinn, I had to bring some back and make this easy recipe I saved from a Waitrose magazine.   A fool is a quick dessert usually consisting of a tangy fruit compote, often rhubarb, folded into whipped cream.  The dessert was easy to veganise thanks to the great range of vegan cream and yoghurt products currently available.  Tangy gooseberries work perfectly with the creamy yoghurt and the granola adds an extra texture.  Best of all I used red skinned gooseberries, which gave this lovely pink colour to the fools.

Gooseberry and cardamom fool – serves 6 to 8

7 cardamom pods

500 g gooseberries

85 g sugar

2dl/ 200 ml plant based cream

125 g plant based Turkish/ Greek yoghurt (I used Oatly)

a handful of your favourite granola


Bash the cardamom pods, remove the seeds and crush them in a pestle and mortar.  Add the cardamom, gooseberries and sugar to a pan and heat for around five minutes until the sugar has dissolved.  Set to one side to cool.

Retain a few of the whole gooseberries for decoration and add the rest to a blender, pulse into a puree.

Whip the cream to stiff peaks.  Carefully fold in the yoghurt and half the gooseberry puree.  Spoon a little of the cream mixture into your serving glasses and then drizzle some of the reserved puree.  Repeat until you have used up all the cream mixture and puree.

Top with the whole gooseberries and a sprinkle of granola





  1. I agree, gooseberries are too hard to find in shops! We have some at our summer cottage and will be sure to use them for this recipe – looks lovely! The recipe reminds me of the Finnish dessert, simply called ‘rahka’ (whipped cream, maitorahka/curd/quark, sugar, berries) but I like the addition of pured berries, and of course my favourite spice, cardamom.


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