Product test: Heimgart Nordics Microgreens

Heimgart Nordics Microgreens

Microgreens have become more and more fashionable.  The tiny vegetables are nutritional power houses and can be grown relatively easily in urban environments.  I have used microgreens many times, at home and at my pop up brunches.  However I had never tried to grow them myself, until I was contacted by Heimgart Nordics.  Heimgart have created an easy to use system to cultivate microgreens for home use.  Once you have the starter pack, all you need is water to begin your microgreen journey.  Additional seed packs are then available for purchase from the six delicious varieties.

So why try growing your own microgreens?

Heimgart Nordics Microgreens

Microgreens are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as secondary phytochemicals.  These are concentrated in the small shoots, often making them more nutritious than whole vegetables.  Some studies have shown they are up to forty times more nutrient dense than their fully grown counterparts.  They work out cheaper than shop bought microgreens and best of all you can guarantee their freshness.  There is no supply chain, simply grow your microgreens and then cut and add directly to your favourite dishes.  Best of all they can be grown all year round!  Heimgart Nordics seed packs are organic and compostable and free from any nasty additives.  Finally, I shouldn’t forget to mention, microgreens taste great and are a colourful way to decorate prepared dishes.

What do you get?

The starter pack includes the porcelain growing dish and 2 seed packs

Heimgart Nordics starter kit consists of a dishwasher safe stylish porcelain growing dish, instructions and 2 seed packs (Rocket and Garden Cress).  The growing dish can be used again and again and looks great in my kitchen.  Additional seed packs can be purchased from the six varieties (rocket, garden cress, radish, red cabbage, mustard and broccoli).  It is a sustainable high quality product, there is no plastic packaging and the kits also making a great present for friends and family!

The stylish dish looks great on a kitchen shelf

How the process works

One of the best things about Heimgart’s kit are how simple and mess free they are to use.  I am in no way green fingered, but like the idea of growing my own food that I can ‘harvest’ from the comfort of my kitchen.  You do not need any special lights, soil or propagator.  Simply add water up to the marked line in the growing dish.  Place your chosen seed packs on the metal insert, top with the included growing covers and leave in a draught free spot to begin to sprout.  After around 3 days the shoots will begin to lift the growing covers.  You can then remove them and after a further 4 – 7 days the microgreens will be ready to harvest.  There is no need to water the microgreens, just cut what you need and enjoy.

You can easily cut exactly what you need to add a colourful finish to your food


I loved Heimgart Nordics microgreen kits.  I was surprised at just how easy they were to use and how good the results were.  While the additional seed packs are not cheap, they are very good value for money in comparison to buying shop bought microgreens.  The microgreens themselves were delicious and added a great splash of colour to mealtimes.   I liked the fact I could cut what I needed and there was no waste.  The microgreens lasted well and only required extra water if I didn’t manage to eat them all in a week.  I also like the way I could mix and match the seed packs, so I wasn’t limited to growing one variety at a time.   I would highly recommend giving Heimgart Nordics a try,  their kits are available directly for order and are also listed in Ruohonjuuri’s webshop.

You can find more information and order your sets at

Red cabbage microgreens top this crisp bread

This is a paid product test with Heimgart Nordics



  1. I have been thinking about getting these but was a bit put off by the growing covers. They are just cardboard, right? I hope they come up with some other and more durable solution because in other ways it seems like a great product.


    1. Hi yes they are just cardboard. I guess they need it to be something light as they the shoots need to be able to push it up as they grow. Each pack comes with a new cover. So yes maybe they could find something that you could re use. Thanks for your comment


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