5 Ingredient crispy tofu nuggets

5 Ingredient crispy tofu nuggets

5:n raaka-aineen rapeat tofunugetit

You may have noticed a bit of a slow down in the number of recipes I have been posting recently .  Two or three recipes every week, or 100 – 150 recipes a year takes a lot of energy.  However a quick break in New York to visit a good friend has recharged my batteries and hopefully I am back with a vengeance.  This is a simple quick recipe inspired by a dish Antoni made in the latest series of Queer Eye (my current Netflix obsession).   The resident chef used crushed macadamia nuts to coat fish to make ‘healthier’ fish fingers.  I took his idea and made these tasty, crispy tofu nuggets.  They have a great texture and add much more flavour than regular breadcrumbs, not to mention they are gluten free.  So if you are looking for a quick snack, why not whip up a batch of my tofu nuggets?


ingredient crispy tofu nuggets

1 block of firm tofu I used Jalotofu (natural flavour)

a couple of tablespoons of arrowroot powder

a dl/ 100 ml plant based milk

a good handful of macadamia nuts

oil for baking

Press the tofu for at least 30 mins to withdraw some of the excess liquid.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and cut the tofu into nugget sized pieces.

Add the macadamia nuts and pulse into a fine crumb, leaving it them little rough to retain some texture.

Set up three dipping bowls, one with the arrowroot powder, now with the milk and one for the nut crumb.

Dip the nuggets first in the arrow root, coating on all sides, quickly dip in the milk and finally roll in the macadamia crumb.  Lay on a lined baking sheet and season well.

When you have coated all your nuggets, brush both sides with a little oil and bake in the oven until golden brown (around 15 minutes), turning half way through to create an even colour.

I like to serve my nuggets with a dollop of sweet chilli sauce.




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