Spiced apple porridge

Spiced Apple Porridge

Mausteinen omenapuuro

Now it is getting colder and darker I love making warming hearty breakfasts.  This porridge is rich creamy and spicy with the heat of ginger.  If you want to make it a little lighter, replace some of the oat milk with water.  However for a brunch treat, I would go all out and use all the milk.  I topped my with a little homemade granola, however if you are in a rush, use a good quality shop bought one that isn’t too sweet.

Spiced apple porridge – serves 3 to 4 

3 apples, peeled cored and cubed (you want an apple that breaks down easily.  In Finland I would recommend lobo or bramley in the UK)

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground ginger

a good pinch of all spice

a grating of fresh nutmeg

3 dl/ 300 ml gluten free oats

4 dl/ 400ml oat milk

1 dl/ 50 ml water

50 g raisins

granola and coconut yoghurt to serve


Add the apple, spices, maple syrup and a splash of water to a pan and cook, with the lid on, over a low heat for around 5 minutes until the apple begins to soften.

Reserve a few spoonfuls of the apple, before adding the oats, milk, water and raisins and allow to slowly cook for around 10 minutes, until the. porridge is soft and creamy.  Add a little extra water if the porridge becomes too thick.  Season with a little salt before dividing into bowls.

Top with a little granola, the reserved apple and serve with a spoonful of coconut yoghurt.





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