Beetroot gnocchi with red pepper and walnut pesto

Beetroot gnocchi with red pepper and walnut pesto

Punajuuri-gnocchi ja paprika-saksanpähkinäpesto

I have already shared just how easy gnocchi is to prepare (see my 3 Ingredient Vegan Gnocchi), so I thought I would take it to the next level and make beetroot gnocchi.  They have a slightly more earthy flavour, but work well with this simple roasted red pepper and walnut pesto.  Best of all, the beetroot gives the gnocchi a rich scarlet colour, which brings the plate to life.  Although homemade gnocchi are a little more time consuming than the shop bought version, I think it is nice to know exactly what you food contains, without preservatives an additives.  If you don’t fancy red pepper pesto then maybe check out my Vegan Gnocchi with Spinach and Basil Pesto or my Quick Kale Pesto.

Beetroot gnocchi with red pepper and walnut pesto – serves 2 – 3 

100 g beetroot

350 g potatoes

3/4  tsp salt

200 – 400 g flour (see note in recipe)

2 red peppers, cut into chunks

1 tsp paprika

75 g walnuts

1 dl oil + extra for roasting

a good squeeze of lemon juice

a good handful of basil


selection of cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and vegan parmesan to serve


Begin by steaming the beetroot until tender, allow to cool before  adding to a food processor and blending until as smooth as possible.

Meanwhile peel and cut the potatoes into chunks.  Boil in salted water until soft (around 15 mins). Drain the potatoes and allow to steam dry for a few minutes.

Mash the cooked potato using a potato ricer, or push the potatoes through a sieve.   You need the potato to be completely lump free.

In a large bowl mix the potatoes and beetroot.  Add the flour bit by bit, mixing it in thoroughly before adding the next couple of spoons.  Be patient and make sure the flour is completely incorporated.  You want to end up with a smooth, non sticky dough, that can easily be rolled into a ball in your hands.  The amount of flour really depends on the type of potato you have used and how much water it soaks up during cooking. Don’t be scared to add more if you need to.   As long as the dough is soft, but not sticky, you should be ok.

Cut the dough into six pieces and roll each one into a long sausage, before cutting into 2 inch (5 cm) gnocchi.

To make the pesto, toss the red pepper chunks in a little oil and roast in the oven at 200 degrees c. for around 20 minutes, until they are beginning to char.  Allow to cool a little before adding to a food processor with the walnuts, basil and  lemon juice.  Begin to pulse, drizzling in the olive oil until you have a pesto like consistency.  You may not need to add all of the oil.  Season and give an extra squeeze of lemon if necessary.

Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and carefully drop in the gnocchi.  Allow to simmer for around 3 minutes, when they are ready they will float to the surface.  Drain well and serve immediately, tossed with a few spoons of the pesto and the cherry tomatoes.  Top with a little fresh basil and a grating of vegan parmesan.




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