Smoothie Ice Pops

Smoothie Ice Pops


I am in no way a summer person.  I don’t like sunbathing, sitting on the beach, or in fact, any time of year when the temperature hits over 18 degrees.  Part of the reason I moved to Finland was because of my love for winter!  So I am doing anything I can to survive the current heatwave,  although it seems to mainly involve staying indoors, sitting by my fan and eating my own body weight in ice cream.  In an attempt to make a healthier version, I came up with these smoothie ice pops.  They are fresh, creamy, cooling and best of all they have no added sugar, rather being sweetened with banana.  I had great fun with the flavours and decided upon mango, sea buckthorn and mint and then a strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and basil flavour.  So if you are like me and need a something to help keep cool, why not give these a try?  They are easy to make and great for kids too, in fact, why not get them involved?

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Smoothie Ice Pops – makes 4 – 6 depending on the size of your moulds

1 dl/ 100 ml coconut yoghurt

2 dl/ 100 ml coconut milk

1 ripe banana

2 dl / 200 ml frozen berries/ fruit + a little extra for decoration

a few sprigs of your chosen herb

Simply add the yoghurt, milk, banana and frozen berries/ fruit to a blender and blend until smooth.

Insert your wooden sticks and pour a layer of smoothie into the base of the mould.  Top with a few extra berries and finally top with another layer of smoothie.  Tap the moulds a few times to remove any air holes.

Carefully place in the freezer and allow to set ( roughly 4 – 8 hours depending on the size of your moulds.



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