Goodio ChocOat Launch

Goodio’s new gluten and dairy free ChocOat

Just wanted to let you guys know about an event I was invited to recently.  Goodio held a launch event at their chocolate factory in Kallio to introduce their fantastic new ChocOat.  Goodio are a Finnish chocolate company, who produce incredible handmade vegan and gluten free chocolate bars using raw cacao.  They minimise any additives or processing to create a nutritionally rich chocolate.  Best of all, they are incredibly inventive with their flavours, Sea buckthorn and liquorice or wild Finnish blueberry anyone?  ChocOat combines 50 % cacao with 24 % Finnish organic oats to create a lighter, milk free chocolate.  It is sweetened with palm sugar and contains around 60 % less sugar than regular milk chocolate.

After an introduction by Goodio founder, Jukka Peltola, we learned the inspiration behind ChocOat and even got to meet Goodio’s cacao contact all the way from Peru! More importantly we got to taste the product, why is beautifully creamy and rich, more akin to a milk chocolate in comparison to some of Goodio’s darker more cacao dense bars.  It comes in 4 flavours, original blond, sweet liquorice, wild blueberry and cool mint.  My personal favourite has to be the cool mint, which features locally grown Finnish mint.  It was creamy and fresh with just the right hint of the cooling herb.  Best of all

For my bar I opted for wild strawberry and sea buckthorn

Finally we got to decorate our own bar of ChocOat as pictured above.  I opted for wild strawberry and sea buckthorn as I though it would contrast well with the creamy ChocOat.

Thanks again to everyone at Goodio and if you want to check out more about their story, or get your hands on their fantastic products click here.



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