Sugarfree Carob Chocolate Bark

Carob Chocolate Bark

Carob suklaakaarna

My quest for a more nutritionally balanced January continues!  I have been looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate for ages and my friends at Pür Kauppa recently gave me some of Kiki Health’s organic carob powder to try.  I have used Kiki Health products on the blog  before (see my Clementine and Acerola Jam Tarts), they are not only high quality, but I am slightly obsessed with their packaging!  Carob is a great healthy alternative to cacao or chocolate.  It contains high levels of antioxidants and calcium, is gluten and caffeine free and has a fantastic chocolatey nutty flavour.   It is also naturally sweet, so there is no need to add sugar or any other sweeteners to the mix.  The best thing about this recipe is that the coconut oil and carob give the bark a really rich chocolatey flavour.   I found I only needed a small piece to eliminate any post Christmas chocolate cravings.

Carob Chocolate Bark

150 g organic coconut oil

75 g Kiki Health organic carob powder

1/2 tsp  Urtekram organic vanilla powder

freeze dried berries, nuts, coconut flakes, edible gold leaf etc to decorate

Line a small tin with grease proof paper.   I used a 20 x 20 cm tin, but any tin with a similar area will work.

Kiki Health’s organic carob powder

Mix the carob and vanilla powder in a large bowl.  Slowly melt the coconut oil.  Once fully liquid, stir into the carob until fully combined.  Pour into your tin and knock out any large air bubbles.

Decorate with your toppings (If using edible gold leaf, you will need to add this after setting), place in the fridge and leave to harden.

Once ready, snap into chunks and enjoy.



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