Coconut and Banana Black Rice Pudding

Coconut and Banana Black Rice Pudding

Musta riisi-vanukas

This is a repost of my recipe for coconut and banana black rice pudding.  I have been lucky enough to have the recipe featured in the latest issue of Ruohonjuuri’s magazine.  For those of you outside Finland, Ruohonjuuri is similar to Holland and Barrett in the UK, or a ‘much’ smaller version of Whole Foods in the US.  I am super pleased and feel like my Christmas has come early.  Well anywhere here it is 🙂

I am always looking for new ideas for breakfast and have been wanting to make something with black rice for a long time.  Black rice is far more textured than white rice and has a nuttier flavour.  It is also far more nutritious and makes for a more eye-pleasing dish.  I wouldn’t usually choose rice pudding for breakfast, but this black rice version was amazing.  Black rice will never be as soft and creamy as white pudding rice simply by boiling, but by blending two thirds of the rice with coconut milk and a super ripe banana, the result is a super creamy and tasty dish.  Not only that it is gluten free, vegan and low FODMAP, so it is a win win for everyone!

coconut and banana black rice pudding 

Coconut and Banana Black Rice Pudding – serves 2

100 g Organic Black Rice ( I used Makrobios Luomo Mustariisi)

1 super ripe banana

100 ml extra thick coconut milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

cacao nibs, coconut, passion fruit, poppy seeds and banana to decorate

Cook your black rice as per the manufacturers instructions, however over cook the rice by 5 – 10 minutes so the rice becomes soft and sticky.  Drain and rinse with cold water.  Blend two thirds of the rice with the coconut milk, banana and vanilla until smooth.  Now mix with the remaining rice to create a textured rice pudding.  Decorate and serve.  The rice pudding can easily be made the night before and kept in the fridge ready for the morning



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