Breakfast couscous with roasted plums

Breakfast couscous with roasted plums

Aamiaiskuskus ja paahdettuja luumuja

Now that the mornings are getting colder and darker, I am craving a more substantial, comforting breakfast.  As much as I like traditional oat porridge, sometimes I like to mix it up.  This couscous dish is a little similar to porridge, but lighter and fragrant.  If you haven’t thought of couscous for breakfast before then give it a try.  Couscous lends itself perfectly to sweet as well as savoury flavours, the nuts add some crunch and the plums are the perfect tangy sweet accompaniment.  This can also be a great way to use up left over couscous, just bring it up to room temperature before adding the other ingredients.

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Breakfast couscous with roasted plums – serves 2 – 4 

120 g couscous

45 g sultanas

30 g flaked almonds, toasted

30 g shelled pistachio nuts, roughly chopped

30 g pecan nuts, chopped

a couple of pinches of ground cinnamon

3 tbsp coconut sugar

1 orange

8 ripe plums, stone removed and quartered

oat milk to serve


Place the couscous in a bowl and cover it with 250 ml of boiling water.  Wrap the bowl in clingfilm to seal in the steam and leave the couscous to stand for 15 mins.

Meanwhile sprinkle the plums with a tbsp of coconut sugar and place them on a baking tray.  Roast in the oven for 10-15 mins at 180 degrees c. until they soft, but still retain their shape.

Squeeze 2 tbsp of orange juice in a small saucepan and add the remaining coconut sugar.  Gently heat until the sugar has dissolved.

Remove the cling film from the couscous and fluff it up with a fork.  Sprinkle with the orange juice mixture and stir thoroughly.  Add the sultanas, nuts and cinnamon and give it all a final mix.

Serve in bowls with the plums, a grating of orange zest and warmed oat milk.




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