Homemade Baobab Coconut Yogurt with Caramelised Bananas and Toasted Oats

Homemade Baobab and Coconut Yoghurt

Itse tehty baobab-kookosjogurtti, karamellisoitua banaania ja paahdettua kauraa

This is an update on my recipe for Easy Homemade Coconut yoghurt with strawberries, basil and chopped almonds.  My friends at Pona, who sell the best ever organic baobab powder, mentioned that I should try adding a few table spoons of their product to my yoghurt base to create a thicker creamier yoghurt.  Well I can report that it was a massive success.  Not only does the baobab help turn the yoghurt super thick and velvety like greek yoghurt, but it also makes the whole process quicker and easier.   The baobab adds a tang to the yoghurt and is a natural thickener, so the yoghurt does not need to stand as long as normal.  I made perfect yogurt in about 8 hours, so you can easily make this and leave it over night to be quickly chilled and eaten in the morning.  I wanted to treat myself so accompanied my yoghurt with some caramelised bananas, toasted oats and some chopped pecans – perfection!

A special mention has to go to my new bowl from Raaka Rå , an amazing range of ceramics made by the talented Leena kouhia, who I recently got to meet at her workshop during Helsinki Design Week.

For more info about baobab, click Organic Baobab Powder – Collaboration with PONA and Webshop Discount Code and for more baobab recipes click Chocolate Orange Baobab Cake with Citrus Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting , Baobab Bircher Muesli with Balsamic Roasted Cherries , Orange, Baobab and Banana Pancakes , Baobab, Blackcurrant, Cardamom, Coconut Ice-Pops and Baobab Carrot Falafel with Pea and Basil Hummus and Tahini Sauce

Baobab Coconut Yoghurt with caramelised bananas and toasted oats – serves 4

1 X 400 ml can coconut milk

2 x probiotic capsules

2 – 3 tbsp organic baobab powder (depending on thickness required)

2 bananas, sliced

1 tsp vegan margarine

4 tbsp maple syrup

1 dl organic gluten free oats, toasted in a pan or the oven quic

a handful of chopped pecans

Open your can of coconut milk and pour into a clean bowl.  If your milk has separated, whisk until it has become smooth and creamy.


Open the probiotic capsules and sprinkle onto the milk.  Add the baobab and stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon (metal may adversely effect the probiotic).

Cover with a cheese cloth and leave to stand at room temperature for 8 – 10 hours.

Place the yoghurt into the fridge and chill.

Meanwhile, melt the margarine in a large pan.  Add the bananas and maple syrup and fry over a medium heat until the bananas become caramelised on each side.

When you are ready to serve, give the yoghurt and good mix and separate into bowls.  Top with the bananas, oats and pecans.




    1. It is from Pirkka (full fat ) coconut milk. So if you aren’t in Finland, you won’t find it unfortunately 😊. But I would suggest experimenting with different brands of full fat coconut milk as they seem to all have varying degrees of success

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