Magic Butterfly Pea Tea Colour Changing Lemonade

Butterfly Pea Tea Colour Changing Lemonade

Väriä muuttava ‘Butterfly Pea Tea’ limonadi 

I often buy new products to try out or order something online which then disappear to darkest recesses of my kitchen cupboards, only to be discovered months later.  One such purchase was a bag of Butterfly pea tea flowers.  Butterfly pea tea is a drink originating in South East Asia utilising the petals of the clitoria ternatea plant.  It is natural caffeine free and tastes a little like green tea.  However it is best known for its colour.  When steeped in hot water the petals produce a bright blue colour, it is so vivid that the flowers are also used as a natural dye.  Not only this, the colour changes depending on its PH level, so  by adding lemon juice, for example, the tea turns bright purple.

This lemonade is a great fun drink or mocktail, but it would also work well with the addition of some alcohol for a party.  The best part is the colour keeps changing as the ice cubes melt, turning a deeper purple colour.  My recipe has quite a lot of sugar, but for a healthier version you can easily use less, just be prepared for a more sharp flavour.

Butterfly Pea Tea Lemonade – makes around 6 glasses, depending on their size

Butterfly Pea Tea flowers – I ordered mine from Amazon

Juice of two lemons

70 g sugar

500 ml fizzy water

Make up 2 cups of Butterfly Pea tea according to the instructions.  Leave to steep for 5 – 10 mins to get as much colour out as possible.  Strain out the flowers and pour into an ice cube tray and freeze until ice cubes are formed.

Meanwhile add the sugar to the lemon juice and stir until fully dissolved.  It may help to warm the lemon juice a little.

When you are ready to serve add 50 ml of the lemon juice mixture into a cocktail glass, top up with sparkling, leaving enough room to add you ice cubes.

Finally add 3 – 4 ice cubes to each glass, stir and watch the magic happen!



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