Baobab discount extended!!

Baobab Recipes!

Exciting news! My friends at PONA have extended my discount on their amazing organic baobab super food powder for a few more days.  Visit and use my discount VEGEBRIT to get 20 % off your order.  You have until midnight 7.7. to take advantage of this offer and get some baobab goodness into your life.

You can also see just how versatile baobab can be by checking out the baobab recipes I created for PONA  Baobab Bircher Muesli with Balsamic Roasted Cherries , Raspberry and Baobab Lemonade , Orange, Baobab and Banana Pancakes , Baobab, Blackcurrant, Cardamom, Coconut Ice-Pops ,Chocolate Orange Baobab Cake with Citrus Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting , Baobab Carrot Falafel with Pea and Basil Hummus and Tahini Sauce

Finally if you are not convinced, just remember Baobab has more antioxidants than goji berries and more calcium than milk. It has more iron than red meat, more potassium than a banana and more magnesium than spinach!  Not only that it lasts for ages, is super simple to use and tastes great.  Oh and did mention I am a baobab addict!!

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