Blog Event for Makrobios

smoothie bowl decorating with Primrose’s Kitchen muesli and granolas

Tuesday finally saw all the my recent hard work and planning come to fruition.  I was so pleased to be asked by Makrobios to become involved in their launch event for three new healthy UK products and one from Portugal which are now available to buy in Finland.  Primrose’s Kitchen (naturopathic muesli and granolas) were joined by Bear fruit yo yo’s, Pip organic’s juice and finally Captain Kombucha‘s probiotic drinks.  A selected group of bloggers with interests ranging from food, to lifestyle and family were invited to hear talks from brand representatives (including Primrose herself) and get to know more about the products.

I had the task of creating healthy vegan, gluten, nut free finger food and organising the smoothie bowl bases which the bloggers would then decorate with their favourite Primrose’s Kitchen muesli or granola.  I plumped for mini beetroot falafel, topped with a roasted red pepper and garlic hummus and tahini drizzle (recipe for beetroot falafel here)  and secondly raw walnut tacos with a fresh pineapple salsa.

My mini beetroot falafels and raw walnut tacos

I think they went down well, I had a couple of people ask for the recipe and one person even asked if I do catering!   For the smoothie bowl bases I opted for a berry cardamom and a raw cacao.

It was great to hear the story behind each product and see the passion involved in creating these healthy, additive free brands.  For example Primrose Kitchen uses raw vegetables in their mueslis which are grated and then slowly dried to maintain all the nutritional goodness.  Bear employ hundreds of workers who individually hand roll all their fruit yo yo’s, which considering how many they sell, is a fairly monumental task.  While Pip Organic are one of the few kid’s juice boxes not made from concentrate, but premium organic juice.  The makers of Captain Kombucha chose to give their 5 flavours  a lighter taste so it has a more mass appeal and more people can therefore enjoy its health benefits.

Smoothie bowl decoration in full progress

Probably the most fun part of the evening for the bloggers was their chance to decorate their own smoothie bowls.  I had a range of delicious fruit toppings, as well as dried and fresh flowers which really allowed the bloggers to get a bit creative (you can see my attempt above).  I have to say I would usually make my own granola and muesli, but the Primrose’s Kitchen brand is a great product.  It is so good to have a range with only whole natural ingredients, no additives and little to no added sugar.  My particular favourites are the cacao courgette granola and the carrot and cinnamon muesli.  The range is currently available at Ruohonjuuri and soon Stockmann  (Ruohonjuuri currently stocks all 4 product ranges). Although I no longer live in the UK I noticed that both Primrose’s kitchen and Bear yo yo’s were available at Waitrose

Makrobios’ goodie bag

The evening was a great success, it was nice to meet some fellow bloggers with similar interests and of course to be involved with Makrobios’ event.  Thanks to every one who came and Miina for giving me the opportunity.


  1. What a nice post, your catering was a central part to making the event a success. I knew you would be the perfect pro to work with on something like this! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤



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