Blender review – kMix

Kmix blender peppercorn black

I have had some questions regarding what blender I use for the smoothie bowls on the blog, so decided to do a short review of my blender.  This isn’t the first blender in my kitchen.  I recently managed to break the previous model trying to blend some frozen mango!  So i did a little research and opted for the kMix blender in peppercorn black.  I also have a kMix kitchen machine, so knew the brand and was happy with its quality and performance.

Firstly I love the look of the blender.  I think it looks a bit retro and fits well into the style of my kitchen.  It feels really well made and the jug is made from glass rather than plastic and the base of the machine is metal.  Most importantly the part of the jug which attaches to the motor is metal rather than plastic (which split on my last machine thank to the aforementioned mango incident).  The blender has four settings for crushing ice, blending soups, blending smoothies and finally dips.  This is particularly useful for smoothie bowls as I start the frozen fruit off using the ice crush setting to create a fine crumble, then add the other ingredients and blend till smooth on the smoothie setting.


However i have discovered a few drawbacks.  Unfortunately the glass jug is not dishwasher safe (or it should a least be washed at a low temperature if your dishwasher has such an option) and therefore has to be washed by hand.  Which if you are lazy like me, is a bit of a pain.  Secondly you cannot blend hot soups, instead they must be allowed to cool a little before blending, again because there have been a number of cases where the glass jug has cracked.

If you can get over these couple of drawbacks  expect to pay around 100 euros, although if you are not too fussy about the colour,  I have seen them on amazon for far less.  Whilst I would love to get a Blendtec, which I have used in my days working for a coffee chain in the UK, they are usually around the 500 to 600 euro price mark.

Overall I would definitely recommend the kMix blender.  It is an affordable, stylish and well made product with a versatile range of settings for all your kitchen needs.





  1. Little tip on the side for lazy ppl. Once done with blending fill up about half way with warm water and very little dish soap and start blending. It cleans itself. 😆😉

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