I am an addict!!

Berry, coconut and chia smoothie bowls

Ever since I tried my first smoothie bowl, I have been an addict.  Not only are they incredibly tasty and easy to make, but the sheer variety of toppings and ingredients means one can never get bored.  I recently discovered Stockmann Herkku stocks edible flowers and somehow they ended up in my basket, although I have to admit they weren’t cheap and I usually don’t buy such luxuries.  I wouldn’t say they added to the flavour of the smoothie bowl, but they definitely made them look more appealing.


I think my favourite base smoothie is currently mango, banana spinach and coconut milk.  Not only does the smoothie turn a beautiful green colour, but somehow it turns super sweet and is a good way to pack in some extra plant goodness at breakfast time.  The bowl above is topped with sea buckthorn powder, among other things, which gives a really nice tang against the sweet smoothie.


Finally I have my version of a blueberry cinnamon ‘pulla’, or bun to english readers.  I mixed the blueberries with bananas, almond milk, a pinch of cinnamon and then crushed some fresh cardamom pods to give it a slightly spicy, but very Finnish twist.

I will be posting again soon with some recipes and tips for anyone who is interested in trying it for themselves.  I can also recommend a good blender! I managed to break my first one trying to crush some frozen mango!!!!

What is your favourite smoothie bowl / topping?




  1. I’m so gonna try these! And I’m also interested in the blender tip, since our Kitchen Aid has turned out to be a piece of… not good at all.

    My smoothies aren’t fancy at all. I repeat the same recipe day after day: maitorahka, banana, berries, seeds and nuts. Sometimes coconut milk, which I love. But it’s good, and I’m still not bored with it. I could try changing the dairy into something non-dairy, but not soy. Recommendations?

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    1. You should try them asap!! I will be uploading some smoothie bowl recipes soon. You could definitely try coconut or almond yoghurt which is available in the supermarkets here to replace your dairy. However I really like using almond milk and then add a teaspoon of homemade almond butter. It adds to the richness like yoghurt does, but without the dairy and all the nutty goodness. As for the blender. I recently bought the kmix blender and so far it seems to work really well. I think i will have to do a blog review as I have discovered a few pros and cons, but overall I am really satisfied


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